What is ibogaine? the common question

​Ibogaine is an alkaloid that is extracted mainly from the root of the shrub Taberna the Iboga, which grows in the African rainforest.

Moreover, the ibogaine is mostly utilized in the form of iboga. This is the alkaloid Ibogaine, stabilized in the way of salt, taken in capsules. Additionally the use the Total Extract of several alkaloids found in the root bark of the shrub Taberna the Iboga. Besides, the content of Ibogaine in the TA is almost 40%, but it may vary. Furthermore, Some of these alkaloids contain similar stuffs to Ibogaine. In combination, these two formulas provide a psycho-spiritual experience in addition to addiction relief.

The Ibogaine Treatment Process

Beginning of the previous protocol by maintaining communication with the healer in which we can help you to gradually stop the medication, psychotropic or any habit or substance that is contraindicated in therapy. Once you arrive at the retreat center, you will start a long period of detoxification to finish the cleaning process.

Participants with a weak heart, have asthma and suffer from hypotension or hypertension (low or high blood pressure) should be very careful. If you have any health concerns, it is best to consult your doctor before embarking on treatment with Iboga.

All the medications that you are taking must be listed in the application so that we can help you replace with natural options those that are contraindicated with Iboga.

Seven days before your treatment you need to completely avoid red meat, sex, dairy products, refined sugars, fried foods or excessively processed foods. Avoid liquids that contain quinine. Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken.


The variety of experiences with Iboga is broad. Many people are surprised at how delicate and "hard" they can be. Many describe the Iboga treatment as one of the most challenging experiences of their life. The iboga can change its existence, the meaning of it and its relationship with life. It is necessary to understand that you need to leave your comfort zone and that treatment with plants like Iboga can have very unpleasant physical symptoms.

Purification Using The Ibogaine

All treatment with plants (phytotherapy) needs a period of rehab or purge. This period is essential and starts from when you specify the date of the beginning of the therapy before your admission to the center.

The master plants like the Iboga are detoxifying, but it is necessary that the plant has the highest efficiency in its organism from the biochemical point of view when finding a body with the least amount of food or deadly toxins of pharmacological origin and psychoactive substances. Hence then the question what is ibogaine is here. Therefore, this will decrease the unpleasant symptoms that the process with Iboga can cause.

The process of detoxification in the center is carried out by purging or cleaning at the energy level. For your complete security and the spirit or intelligence of the plant to be easier to work, a prior harmonization and cleaning are required. For cases where there is a high consumption of substances is administered in ibogaine. The application of this medicine is only for therapeutic uses depending on the condition of the participant.