Must See 10 Top Places Outside of Florence City For Students

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Cultivated by the notorious Medici family, the idealized enlightenment period of western civilization has left us with the beauty and grandeur that is evoked most naturally by the mention of the eternal city of Florence, Italy. Beyond the wealth of experience accessible within the city of Florence, the location of this historic city in the Northern Tuscany area of Italy grants easy access to more than just the infamous Duomo di Firenze or the esteemed Uffizi Gallery Firenze is conveniently located near to other very attractive destinations for students whose desire to see the world is not satisfied by merely seeing only one incarnate city. The following are a list of the top 10 must-see places outside of the city of Florence!

1.) Pisa, Italy

Located about 50 miles west of Florence, Pisa makes for the perfect day trip. Obviously, many are attracted to this legendary city by the Leaning Tower of Pisa (You can't leave without taking the classic Leaning Tower Pic!), but this city has so much more to offer. Although overshadowed by the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assenta is a beautiful manifestation of Italian architecture. Paired with the beautiful Baptistry of Pisa, and the magnificently reverent Campo Santo, the four structures make for a group of essential sights to see when in Italy.


The Tuscany country-side is famed for its beauty and serenity. It has gained a reputation due to the collective romanticization of the substantive vineyards and tranquility. Perfect for a day trip from Florence, Tuscany offers long walks through the countryside or the long coast, a landscape of rolling hills, and a place to get away and experience the peace found in the vastness of Italy's cherished countryside.

3.) Chinque Terre

Another very easy day trip that is definitely worth the trip from any distance. Luckily, Cinque Terre is only a short train ride from Florence. A getaway destination, a summer escape, Chinque Terre offers an abundance of experiences for travelers. Made up of five towns to explore, attractions that may be of interest include the remains of a giant statue of Neptune, the vineyards and olive groves of Manarola, as well as many others. And don't worry, you will be fed with an exquisite meal, but that's nothing to be surprised about in Italy.

4.) Chianti

The beautiful region of Chianti, located in central Tuscany, makes for a short day trip from Florence. If you are a connoisseur of wine, you most definitely are familiar with Chianti wine. Chianti offers various opportunities for wine tasting, and while there are other things to visit the region for such as the unique, small towns and history, the wine in itself is enough to bring a continuous stream of visitors into the area.

5.) Siena

Siena makes for an easy day trip from Florence and is most certainly one to be considered. Walking through a forest of beautiful buildings along the winding alleyways in Siena makes for an atmosphere unlike any other. And Siena's famed piazza in the middle of the city is uniquely stunning in its shape, a place for admiration and socialization. Siena is also famed for hosting an annual horse race in the Piazza that brings a lot of excitement into the city. Not to mention an absolutely magnificent cathedral!

6.) San Gimignano

Braced for a seige, this medieval town resides atop a hill, fortified by a wall. The medieval architecture of this small town transports you back to a time of feudalism and medieval fortresses as you walk through the centuries-old erected buildings. There is a depth within this town like no other as it towers over the Tuscany countryside. This small town also offers an opportunity to taste famous white wine, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, an addition that could only add to the enjoyment of the town. An easy day trip from Florence, it is definitely worth your time to visit.

7.) Venice

Along the coast of North-Eastern Italy, a place unlike any other, you will find yourself taken by the eccentric design and the dense and multifaceted character, intrinsic in the architecture and the flowing rivers which circulate through the city. The fabled gondola ride awaits in Venice, a momentous experience and significant to anyone's catalog of life events. Venice is treasured, not only for its iconic architectural achievement, but also for its rich history and marvelous collection of art work displayed throughout galleries. Make sure to make your way up to Venice and experience all this city has to offer.

8.) Montepulciano

Day trip to this hill side town from Florence should most definitely be considered. Montepulciano is a medieval and Renaissance hillside town whose reputation consists of being a major producer of food and drink. A day trip to Montepulciano will allow you to experience the pork, cheese, lentils, honey Pici pasta, and wine which have contributed to the cultivation of such an esteemed reputation. Antique wine cellars and scenic streets are quite the attraction and will make for quite a relaxing and enjoyable day in town.

9) Vatican City

The renowned Vatican City. Vatican City is ruled over by the pope, the bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church. The Vatican City is extremely dense with history. It is essentially the headquarters of the Catholic Church, whose force has been felt in the world for thousands of years which obviously makes for a place whose very essence is one of extremely important historical, social, and cultural implications. A day trip here will give you the opportunity to walk through the Vatican museums, see the enormous St. Peter's Basilica, and be mesmerized at the sight of the Sistine Chapel, to the Michelangelo's masterpiece. The church commissioned the greatest architects and artists in the world to construct an impression of divinity through the use of art, and they did a heavenly job of it! The trip from Florence to the Vatican City may be a bit more distant than the other destinations listed, but it is more than worth the trip.

10.) Livorno

Located on the western coast of Tuscany on the Ligurian Sea, this port city is a great destination to take a day trip from Florence. The history of Livorno aligns with that of Pisa substantially, but is very much unique. The port of Livorno is one of the larges in the Mediterranean with a constant stream of ships docking at this city. The Terrazzo Mascagni is a favorite spot for locals and visitors to go on long strolls overlooking the coast as well as an ideal spot for runners. This city is an extremely welcoming destination and makes for a great day trip from Florence!

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