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What is the most important thing in education?

Now there are many opportunities to receive additional education, courses, and correspondence courses at the institute. But what is the main thing in education? Knowledge? NOT!
Knowledge is an environment for thinking, the main thing in education is to learn to think, education is a way of thinking, and knowledge creates the necessary conditions for thinking, only those who know how to think will become a good specialist. You may also face such a problem as writing papers, you can write your papers for money, if you are interested, you can read more here. In most cases, the person looked at the advertisement and decided to take some course, in the advertisement he was told that all this was easy and simple and in 2-4 months he would become a specialist. As a result of such training, which is usually accelerated, a person receives knowledge and is shown practical actions using an example, gives ready-made templates, as a result, a newly baked specialist can operate with knowledge only within the framework of the studied templates, and that such a specialist can easily guess.
Therefore, if you decide to learn something, remember that knowledge is, of course, the basis, but the main thing is to learn to think.

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