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4 Ways You Can Fit More Than You Think into a Small Storage Locker

Whether in the office or at home, there will always be a need for some extra storage space? This is because people are constantly buying new things and the old ones are still useful. By the end of the day, it is possible to feel all squeezed up. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that is the reason facilities like public storage San Bernardino exist. The fact that the need for space arises does not mean that everyone has the money to get extra space. However, you do not have to rent an enormous storage unit if you cannot afford it at the moment. It is possible to have a small space but use it maximally. Below are four ways in which you can fit more into a small storage locker:


  1. Determine How Much Space You Need


Now that you already have some space that you are occupying at the moment, it means that you only need extra space for the extra items. For you to determine the amount of extra space needed, take stock of the items that should be moved elsewhere. While doing this, take the necessary dimensions of the items that have regular shapes. Also, check out how many of the items can be stacked together without damaging them. This way you will be able to form a picture of how to maximize space. Seek to understand storage unit dimensions and the sizes that are available. With specific measurements, you will make a more accurate estimate of the space needed.


  1. Find the Self-Storage


Even though self-storage facilities are not scarce, you need to put some work into the search. This is so that you can identify one that will serve your specific storage needs. For a start, you will need to consider a facility that is near your home or office. This, however, will be determined by how often you plan to be visiting the storage. If the items to be stored are used frequently, then a storage unit near you will be more convenient. You also need to consider other factors like the visiting times allowed, security in the facility as well as the general condition of the units. Once you locate one unit that best suits you, then you can go ahead and settle the rent according to the terms of the agreement.


  1. Smart Packing


Most people do not give much thought to packing especially when they are moving items to a storage unit. They are mostly concerned with decluttering their homes or offices and dumping the extra baggage in the storage units. However, if you have a lot of items to store in a small storage unit, you may need to do some wise packing. You can get packing boxes and put as many items as can possibly fit and co-exist in one box. Also, check out for some of the small items that can fit into the big ones. Where possible, disassemble the big items like furniture and other equipment. This will make packing and storage easier and more efficient. Again, remember to safeguard the breakables by cushioning them so that even when they are pressured they will remain intact.


  1. Do the Stacking Up


To maximize storage space, stack up items as much as they can. In doing this, you can start with the items that you will not need any time soon. Keep such items at the very bottom and the farthest from the entrance, but remember to consider their safety. Let the furniture form the base of the stack up since they can withstand more pressure. If there are boxes, stack them up on top of each other so that they occupy space vertically. By so doing, you will be able to spare more space across the unit to store more items. Check out for any free drawers or cabinets and see if you can store other smaller items inside.


Final Advice


There is no one particular way of organizing a storage space since it all depends on the nature of the goods you are storing. However, there are tips on how to maximize small space and the ones discussed here are some of the best.