Easy tips on how to read faster

Reading is a cognitive process of a complex nature that is akin to the processor in the computer. Reading is useful in many ways. The most important benefits that accrue from reading include communication, language acquisition, as well as the sharing of ideas and information. You can Read faster learn more when you are aware of the techniques and strategies that you can employ to read.

Types of reading techniques

 There are different types of reading techniques. Learning about them and when and how to use them would help you Read faster learn more. The types include

Extensive reading -  This refers to reading meant for pleasure. This usually refers to reading novels and other storybooks that you read for the pleasure of reading. This sort of reading requires assimilation of text you are reading at a fast rate and involves fluid decoding  process as well 

Skimming- This is also known as gist reading. This technique can be used if you are going through a text or material that is quite basic in nature. The downside of this technique is that comprehension or understanding of the material would be very low. But, you would have gone through a number of pages at a rapid speed.

Scanning-This technique involves the movement of your eyes quickly across a sentence. This technique would be effective in containing certain basic information and to some extent speedy comprehension too if you are engaged in reading content on a paper rather than a computer screen. 

Intensive reading- This refers to reading that you engage in with a specific well-defined goal in the mind. this would be time-consuming and the content that is read is likely to be retained in the mind for a long time. This type of reading helps you to not only understand the vocabulary but also helps you to deduce the meaning of the word in a particular context.  Reading of this type has all the chances of persisting in long-term memory. 

Tips to read faster

 In order to avoid mental fatigue that can result from slogging through voluminous texts,  it is important to develop fast reading skills and at the same time ensure that you do not compromise on the comprehension of the matter that is being read. The tips that could be useful include

  • Previewing the text- This refers to the process of scanning the text from top to bottom of the page paying enough attention to the headings and sub-headings. You can then understand what is being conveyed by going through the introductory and concluding paras. This would help you gain insights about what you are about to read. You can then read faster learn more in a short period of time without getting fatigued.
  •  Plan – It is important to plan your reading session based on the goal you have in mind. the goal would vary depending on the type of material you are going to read as well as the purpose for which you are reading it. for example, you need to read a text with scientific details more slowly and effectively when compared to a novel or magazine.
  • Be focussed- To Read faster learn more in a shorter time means that you have to focus on what you are reading with full concentration. Focussing here refers to how well you concentrate and take efforts to avoid distractions as well as being mindful when your mind wanders and get it back into focus. 
  • Concentrate on chunks and not words- in order to read fast learn more, you have got to stop reading each and every word on the page. You had rather move your eyes in a scanning motion across the chunk of words. Your peripheral vision would help you speed up reading by focusing on the beginning and end of the line.
  • Use time runs- you can measure how fast you are reading by using time runs. This would give you a fair idea of how many words or pages you can read in a minute. 

Practice reading fast. you will find that with practice, you would be able to read faster and faster without compromising on comprehension of the text in the page.