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Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration > Forums on 1/25/2017 8:47:44 PM

Compare persuasive and charisma. Explain why having this skill is important in business communication. Give an example of at least two individuals that you feel have this skill and explain why.


Persuasive- The ability to cause people to do or believe something.

Let’s just say you posse the ability to persuade the group that you manager, or employees in a company that you own. You could thank them for being a great team for starters. Let them know that they are great at what they do, and that they are the ones who make the company a success. By doing those few things you then have boosted mural and expressed a confidence in the abilities of your people. This intern makes people happy to know that their good efforts have not gone unnoticed. You have managed to persuade your employee to be in a good place with what they are responsible for doing.  Which creates a better working environment and higher production because employees are satisfied with their jobs. Steven Jobs was very persuasive Apple has one of the pleasant and carefree working environments.   


Charisma- A personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm. 

Charisma is a trait that can't be learned it just is. It's in your walk, your mannerisms, it's who you are. There is an air of confidence that accompanies charisma. Actor Vin Diesel is very charismatic, and he has a way in making you believe every character he portrays is his very own reality and for two hours you really forget he's acting. It's the bass in his voice, his strong presence and solid frame, his ability to make you forget real life. In his line of work charisma is a wonderful trait to posse. The objective of a good movie is to transport into another world, to make you forgot about your own problems and just be free if only for a little while and Vin Diesel does that for me every time.

Persuasive and Charismatic are both influential personality traits. Whether it be your ability to use words, or simply your presence, you are influencing how someone thinks normally. On the other hand, they are two totally different things being persuasive is an action that is thought out, a form of manipulation of individuals used to bring them into a favorable result. Being charismatic is a natural influence a personal magic because of your leadership arousing abilities.

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Re: Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration > Forums on 1/25/2017 9:04:10 PM


President Obama was very charismatic! He had the ability to walk into a room and change the whole atmosphere without saying a word. It's who he is, it's that air of confidence in "We The People" that made him comfortable. He knew we were with him, he knew we believed in him and I think in this case persuasiveness was used from both ends. He persuaded us to giving him a chance to fix the crippling economy, to lower employment rates,  to offer healthcare to all Americans and because we knew we needed him we rallied behind him in great numbers and persuaded him to continue to fight for the presidency. YES WE CAN was very persuasive and it became his slogan, and eight years later YES WE DID! 

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Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration > Forums on 1/25/2017 9:08:57 PM

Is there a way to edit our !once we submit it? I forgot to cite my work!


 McLean, Business Communication for Success, (2014)

Dictionary and Thesaurus | Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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Re: Re: Persuasive Writing/Presentations
Posted in Collaboration > Forums on 1/25/2017 9:21:01 PM


Charisma is a very important trait to have, and being able to remain calm in certain situations is also very important. President Obama was given by Rita as a person with charisma. I agree with both of you guys. a calm demeanor as a leader give makes us believe that you will take your time and consider all factors when tensions are high. He was smart and confident and caring. He moved us and touched our hearts in a way that no other President as done. He will never be forgotten. 

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