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Groups, Teams, and Leadership Original post: Thu 12/29/2016 at 10:41 AM

Are you a team player? What is the difference in a group and a team? Discuss your experience as a team member (positive or negative). Were you the team leader? Why are groups/teams so important to organizations?

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Re: Groups, Teams, and Leadership Posted: Sun 2/12/2017 at 6:34 AM, in reply to Kathy Edwards

Are you a team player? Yes, I am a team player and a very good one might I add. I always try to be prepared for the task at hand. I offer fresh ideas on how to get the info needed quickly, and I always put in a great effort to get the task researched done the project completed on time. I’m never overbearing, loud or rude, and I always remember that the team is one and that I’m just one entity of it.

What is the difference in a group and a team? Group- Three or more individual that affiliate, interact, cooperate in a familial social or work context. Team- Teams are a form of group normally dedicated to production or problem solving.

Discuss your experience as a team member (positive or negative). Were you the team leader? Yes, I was the team leader. It was not the usual audit time at Nationwide Credit but we got a surprise call from our Audit Department. We needed to pull over 300 copies of payments made within the year spread across 7 different branch locations. Per my director, these payments had to be printed and identified with the account numbers on them and ready to be mailed by Monday morning, did I mention that the day I got this project was Thursday late in the evening. After looking at my groups budget, I noticed that I had kept overtime to a minimal throughout the year so I had plenty of overtime we could use on this project. Because it was last minute, I decided to let my employees make the decision. I sent then an email giving the specifics of the project, also I gave the majority vote rules on how we were going to work the overtime. I gave them a choice between working 3hrs Thursday and Friday night or 6hrs on Saturday. They chose 3hrs Thursday and 3hrs Friday. I stayed with them even though I didn’t have to, dinner was on me both nights and I gave them all and extra hour off with pay for getting everything done so quickly. I helped them pull and identify some things but for the most part they worked together to get this project done. We had all of the  files to my Director by 6:30 pm on Friday. It was a surprise to me that she was still in her office at 6:30 pm when I put the package on her desk, it was even a bigger surprise to her that we had gotten it done so fast. She rewarded my group a small bonus and movie tickets! I was so proud of them and my leadership. I later learned from my team that they were happy to see that I stayed and helped them complete the task, most managers would not have done it.

Why are groups/teams so important to organizations? Teams can often achieve higher levels of performance than individuals because of the combined energies and talents of the members. Collaboration can produce motivation and creativity that may not be present in single-contractor projects. Individuals also have a sense of belonging to the group, and the range of views and diversity can energize the process, helping address creative blocks and stalemates. By involving members of the team in decision-making, and calling up on each member’s area of contribution, teams can produce positive results.


 McLean, Business Communication for Success, (2014).

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Re: Re: Groups, Teams, and Leadership Posted: Sun 2/12/2017 at 7:17 AM, in reply to Toi Donyel Denise Wright- Anders

Everyone posted their work under the "the only bad question is an unasked question" thread. Here are my two responses.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The only bad question is an "unasked" one!!Posted: Sun 2/12/2017 at 6:54 AM, in reply to Romell Deleon Chaney


I love it when you said "If you have a team and nobody is on the same page, things will become hard and very difficult. " This is so very true. I believe that all processes used to complete a job should be universal. I understand that everyone runs their desk differently, but each of my representatives know that before a check is processed we must check for an AO9 Letter (this letter goes out 2 weeks before the check is deposited to remind the client of the postdated check they sent to us, the date and amount of that check, and the date it will be deposited via check 21.) This letter can be checked for before or after check verification (calling the bank to verify funds on checks $500 and higher.) This is the example of a process that has to be done by EVERYONE, but that can be done at any time with the understanding that we all are on one page that this step can’t never be skipped. If a check is cashed without this letter going out, we could be sued very easily.

Re: Disscussion #5Posted: Sun 2/12/2017 at 7:03 AM, in reply to Sherita Nicole Tuck


I feel that jumping in the trenches with you team something is what a manager needs! For me it helps to keep me grounded and in tuned with the job. It helps me to gauge the volume, to see how well my team works together, it helps to expose where they are weak and who's not pulling their weight and I can also see where I need to make changes and with whom. I work with my team on purpose to make them better. I'm not sure if they ever picked up on it, but we were a great team and I'd like to think that was so because I kept an eye on them and I didn’t make it so obvious and I didn’t rule over them harshly but I was firm when talking to them. 

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