Week 1 - Textbook Chapter Readings

Chapter 1:  Effective Business Communication

Chapter 2:  Delivering Your Message سوق بلاي

Chapter 3:  Understanding Your Audience


Students, please view the video links below as supplements to Chapters 1, 2 & 3 of our text.



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dclivery Private Car Service

When you need a special type of private transport, the DCLivery private car services offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort. You can trust the drivers to make the most of your needs, whatever they may be. You can have the service arranged with your driver arriving at your home, office, hospital or wherever else you require to pick you up from. The Dc-livery team will be the first to know of your arrival and will then begin the search for the perfect driver who meets all of your requirements.

There are some benefits that you may find with using a private transport company. First of all, you will have the luxury of using a service that is fully insured and reliable. All drivers in Dc livery are fully trained and licensed, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability for their passengers. This is not the case with other companies.

Another benefit of hiring a car service through Dc Livery is the level of comfort that is offered by the drivers. Dc Livery drivers take their passengers into consideration when planning their journeys. The level of comfort that they provide is second to none, providing passengers with a safe and secure environment that provides the comfort of home while being driven by a professional, trained driver.

Diamond car mats - Choose Diamond Car Mats Correctly

Diamond car mats - Choose Diamond Car Mats Correctly

One of the oddly satisfying things you will ever do for your vehicle is to fit a new set of  diamond car mats. This gives similar satisfaction you will get when you fit new wiper blades. You might think this is an odd thing until you try it out. Fitting new mats offer a new sense of well-being, especially when you embark on a long journey. New mats will also give you comfort and the assurances that you are in a clean environment.

At carmatsstudio, you can rest assured that you will get the best affordable diamond car mats that are both tailored with high quality and also contoured to match the exact shape of the floor of your vehicle. This is unlike the universal type of car mat you will find out there.

There are certain things you need to know when buying diamond car mats for your vehicle, and we have provided you with a guide to follow in order to select the correct car mats for your vehicle.


Diamond Stitching Luxury Custom Car Mats

You can begin your search at Carmatsstudio .Luxury Made to order car floor mats, available for over 800 vehicles. The following vehicles listed on the platform include Audi, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, BMW, Honda, Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Skoda, Infiniti, Nissan, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, and Jeep.

Go Through the Details

The details of the car mat you will be getting vary from car to car, and it is important to go through these details before selecting one. The reason for going through the details provided is because the shape and requirementsare not the same for every car. Therefore, it is important to either take the right measurements or at least know what shape you expect to get before selecting a car mat for your car.

Choose the Right Quality

On average, most car mats usually come in three different qualities, namely the luxury, standard, and prestige quality. There different factors to consider before choosing the best quality and these factors will include your budget, the type of car, and what the car is mostly used for. Another thing that will determine the quality you choose is your personal preference. The standard quality is almost the same thing you will get from your main car dealer while the prestige and the luxury mats are of higher quality because they are thicker and with a more dense pile, and better edge trimming.

Look at Images


Diamond Stitching Luxury Custom Car Mats 1


This is an important thing to do, and it is a plus for you if the images are provided. It is important to go through the images of the car mats you will be getting. Doing this will also help you to confirm whether you are getting the right product, or if the right product was delivered to you. This will also allow you to be able to review different clip styles as well as the position of the clips on the mat so that you can ascertain whether it will match your car or not.