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Four Ways to Get Free Netflix Accounts
There are now four ways to get a completely free Netflix account, we've written about all four methods below. So, if you are interested in getting Netflix for free, you can try any of the four methods. All of these four methods work well. You can see cookiescrunch for this

1) The free trial method:
Now, this is the totally legitimate way to get Netflix for free, most of you may already know this method and for those who don't know how this method works, let me explain it to you. So basically using this free trial method, you can get Netflix for 30-day access, just sign up for an account and then you need to click on a free trial then add and complete your card details. Now after 29 days, you can cancel the subscription and remove your card.

2) Netflix cookies
Now, this is also a legal way to get Netflix for free, now to get this method, you need to get some Netflix cookies, and now you might be wondering where you can get Netflix cookies, so I have a separate article on Netflix cookies you can Click on the button below to get this article. With the cookie method, you can access Netflix for a short period of time, for example for 24 hours