One App Shows Tips On How To Keep Your Kids Away From Herpes

The statistics of individuals living with Herpes according to Just Herpes is about 1/6 of the USA population. If that’s correct, there is 20 percent chance that somebody related or close to us could be infected with herpes.

It is common to have a relative come over to visit and spend time at our homes, they just want to show they care and be playful with our kids. In as much as this means nothing and only a sheer show of affection, there is tendency to exposing your kid to herpes and even other diseases. For some ailments, it takes a while before manifestation and as such, it would be totally wrong to ascertain someone has been healthy just because they look it. You need to prioritize your kid’s health and reduces every action that might endanger them to the risk of having herpes.Read more at Pumkin Carving Ideas

Your kid’s life matters. Having any previous experience with cold sore or similar disease even as an adult will expose you to the life you would never want to go back to. The pains, frustration, anxiety and horrible blisters that appears as though a hard knock been received on the face, herpes is no nice experience for your kids.

Keep your kids safe and away from herpes by following these hints:

  • Mind the Kiss and limit oral herpes

This is a very disturbing and rampant as more than 50 percent of the population in the US has oral herpes, a result of infections from HSV-1 type. Further statistics shows that kids get infected with this through kissing. It spreads easily from carrier to young ones with no indication or symptoms at the early stage. 

The disease is generally referred to as cold sore and in some case “blisters”. It goes about to situate on the lower lip and leave the kid suffering greatly in pains and as times passes, it escalates to another stage of herpes. To keep the kids safe, there is no other way to stop this if not to completely limit relatives and friends from kissing your kids. 

  • Sex education 

As kids grow up, they get caught up in little emotional strings and feelings they so much fancy. Many would love to go ahead and show they care and indulge in kiss and light romance. In as much as its part of teenage and growing up, it is very important to educate your kids on sex and related topics.

They should be thought about diseases that are contagious and what to do to avoid those. Kissing is part of oral sex and would expose kids to contacting herpes and similar disease. From research, two out of every three parents kisses their kids, there is likeliness to get caught and infected with cold sores, and the kids need to be properly educated.

  • Test STDS regularly 

From recent research and analysis by world health organization, USA is experiencing an all time high in STD’s among teenagers from 14 to 23, this shows neglect from families and every party involved. Frequent test for STD’s maintains and readily keeps kids in check and helps combat on time for any infection or diseases present.

“I began to feel pains on my fore head and a slight headache. I assume it’s just fever and I went to take drugs to calm it down, it’s went on like this for a while and today I am suffering from chronic herpes,” excerpts from a personal story of a herpes sufferer.

The damages goes on, sore thought can be easily mistaken for something else. Herpes develops to deadlier stage and with time, fully blown. At early stages, one could control and maintain the sickness, it is very important to have your kids take tests regularly.

  • Provide informative resources 

As a caring parent with the responsibility of your child’s health at heart, it is essential to provide rightful information and resources that will educate the kids first hand on the procedures and ways to avoid herpes.

It is believed that the best advice is one people gives to their selves. So to help keep the kids away from herpes, consider making provisions for useful information to be readily available to the kids. 

Your kids need to know:

  1. What is herpes really

  2. What are the symptoms

  3. How is herpes transmitted

  4. How to prevent transmission 

  5. How to test for herpes etc. 

Prioritize exposing your kids to relevant resources; radio stations, books, organizations and ask them to frequent questions and answers forums like Quora and Yahoo Answers so they can grasp the knowledge about herpes.

One App named MPWH can be the serve as the right source for information where you get first hand information from carriers. In all, keep your kids safe, educate them and bring them closer to herpes and its dangers; this will keep them safe from herpes and other diseases. Read more at TechFrisky