Houston Marriott Hotel Westchase

At A Glance:

Spend hours of fun at Royal Oaks Country Club or feel free to explore Town and Country Village located just a short distance from Houston Marriott Westchase, a 600-room modern hotel in Houston for business travelers and tourists. A hearty feast of tasty American cuisine is served at Republic – A Texas Grill, offering guests and locals with a popular hangout anytime of the year.


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You Should Know:

  • Indulge in superb American cuisine served at Republic - A Texas Grill
  • Technology helpdesk
  • Valet parking (surcharge)
  • Area shuttle (complimentary)
  • Multiple large conference rooms
  • Dry cleaning/laundry service
  • Multiple swimming pools

In and Around:

  • Republic - A Texas Grill makes a popular hangout for enjoying drinks and good food
  • Have fun shopping at Memorial City Mall
  • Have at great time at Town and Country Village
  • Find time to explore nearby Halliburton Headquarters
  • Delight in the wonderful options offered at Galleria Mall
  • Lakewood Church is set within minutes of the hotel
  • Catch a game at Reliant Stadium


How Can You Increase Your Productivity With Technology?

Technology in today’s era has played a vital role in making life easier than ever before. This inevitable technological impact has brought about substantial changes in just about every field; be it professional area, or the personal life. However, researchers believe that advancement in technological era has also resulted in some negativity to our lifestyles. In order to improve your overall productivity at work and even in your personal life, you can utilize technology as a tool in a range of ways.  This article aims to provide background to how technology has reshaped our lives in the recent times and how to best make use of technological advancements to improve our performance at work. Some important tips and techniques are provided below. Read about ActiveMyhome

Bridging the Gap with a Virtual Connection

One important business impact of technology is that it has brought people around the globe closer than they were ever before. You can reach your loved ones and business partners/contacts without having to wait for the letters to reach to them – as it happened in the past. This means that business meetings are just a skype call away. Video conferences, nowadays, are held in almost every small and large company to discuss routine business chores. Millions of dollars’ deals are signed with acknowledgments over calls. All of these things were not possible before the evolution of modern technology. In fact, latest research in telecommunications has become so user centered that the utilization of internet has become cheaper with time. All this has made life easier in terms of time, communication, money and boundaries. In addition to this, network administrators have now moved their operating systems to offsite servers so that even the traveling employees get access to any of the organizations’ documents on the go.

Project Tracking via Technology

Another aspect of enhancing efficiency when you are executing a task is to track your record. This implies on both personal and professional tasks which include setting timetables, business meetings, breaking your own running records, or even maintaining everyday calories intake.  Various platforms have been introduced today that help you to download applications on your personal mobile phones so you can easily trace down things at your convenience. To add more, if you are a tech geek that are open source platforms available for you to design your own application to add a few bucks in your pocket.

Save Time and Yourself from Tedious Work

Well this in fact is one advantage of introducing computers and handheld gadgets. It saves time of doing dreary calculations and finding relevant documents at the right time. Using cloud based database management techniques, it is possible to stay productive at work even when you are away from the office - So this overall saves the hassle of documenting each and everything on paper as well as finding relevant information on large spreadsheets.

Sending Mass Emails

Sending emails to masses can be a bit tricky particularly if you are using a spammy platform and when you do not have obtained permission from the targeted audience. However, if you already have a database of existing clients/customers then reaching them all with a single email was never easier. Now a days, you can take advantage of bulk email sending software such as Mailchimp to create a list of your existing customer, create beautiful templates and send email to them all in one go. 

Collecting Data/Information

With the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, it is possible to find data/information relevant to any question. For example, if you are a student who has been asked to explore a topic in your chosen area of study then search engines can be of great help. With various keyword combinations, you can access reports, articles, and literature published on the topic. This method helps you save your valuable time and effort whilst in the past when internet search engines were not available, getting hands on the relevant literature demanded several hours of hard work which included time spent in the library to look for books and articles. When I was trying to find intriguing marketing dissertation topics, I got the much needed help from the internet. 


At last, it is important to understand that we can only bring about a better throughput if we make the right use of a provided resource. This means that if we need to improve ourselves, we should first stay confident in ourselves. If you use the available resources correctly, we can make every task simpler and quicker to implement, from dialing the phone to tracking our employee’s routine. In all, technology has brought room for us to focus on other aspects efficiently irrespective of the two dimensional frame of time and distance. Read more at ARKCONSOLECOMMANDS

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