What to Eat when there are Exams

A balanced diet and physical activity are vital to academic performance. A healthy diet has a direct link to increased cognitive functioning and memory skills, decreased absenteeism from school, and improved mood. These advantages can help students stay focused and complete their coursework.


During your Exam days, you plan your day, what clothes you'll wear and also what you are going to study but, you should also plan what you will eat. So Parents, shop properly and make sure that there are good snacks around the home so that your kids refrain from gobbling junk food.

1. Dedicate one meal to only Vegetables, Sprouts and Fruits

2. Eat Two Big portions of Proteins everyday

3. Have lots and lots of Water in the Summers

4. Munch Healthy Snacks

5. Avoid Oily Food


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Ishi Khosla
Practicing Clinical nutritionist and Author
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