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What are the elements of the communication process?

Wyteria's answers

The source-the creator and the message

The receiver-receives the message from the source

The message-the meaning that is produced by the source for the receiver

The channel-the way the message travels between the source and the receiver

The feedback-the message the receiver sends

The environment-the physical atmosphere where the communication occurs

The context-psychological expectations of the source and receiver

The interference-anything that blocks the communication

Word count: 58 words

Explain the role of critical thinking in developing writing skills.

Wyteria's answers

You have to be self discipline, self directed, self monitored, and self corrected thinking.  Critical thinking requires established standards to their acquired use, and effective communication, problem solving, and acknowledge and address or own tendency for confirmation bias, egocentrism, and sociocentrism

Word count: 41 words

How important is concentration in writing?

Wyteria's answers

Our ability to concentrate is the ability of being able to write effectively.  The ability to concentrate is very important in group writing. 

Word count: 23 words

List the twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation

Wyteria's answers

1. determine your general purpose

2. determine your specific purpose

3. make sure your purpose is realistic

4. make sure your timing is appropriate

5. make sure your sources are credible

6. make sure he message reflects positively in your business

7. determine audience size

8.determine audience composition

9. determine audience awareness on the topic

10. anticipate probable responses

11. select the correct channel

12. make sure the information is ethical, accurate, and pertinent

Word count: 63 words

What are the four main sentence types? Give an example of each.

Wyteria's answers

Declarative-makes a statement ....Sara is a fat women.

Imperative-command.....Please call me later this evening.

Interrogatory-ask a question......What time do you get off?

Exclamatory-strong emotion......I hate you!

Word count: 23 words
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