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What are the elements of the communication process?

LeAndrenetta's answers

There are eight elements to the communication process they are:

1. Source- creates and communicates the message.

2. Receiver- receives the message from the source.

3. Message - Meaning from what is produced by the source and receiver.

4. Channel - The way the message was delivered.

5. Feedback  The response sent by the receiver to the source.

6. Environment - The area the communication occurs.

7. Contcxt - Is the expectations the source and receiver have. 

8. Interference - Any noise or anything that distorts the communication.

Word count: 82 words

Explain the role of critical thinking in developing writing skills.

LeAndrenetta's answers

Critical thinking is what makes the writer stop and think, " Does this really make sense". I have personally had a problem with writing how i speak, which isn't proper when writing. Our text tells us that if the reader can't understand what a writer has written they will lose interest and move on (Saylor.Org, 2016). When we are writing a very important step is to first use critical thinking to make sure what we are writing makes sense, and consider if there is another way it could be expressed.

Word count: 91 words

How important is concentration in writing?

LeAndrenetta's answers

Concentration is very important to the writing process. A writer must be able to concentrate and focus on what they will be writing. I learned several years ago that when preparing to write you should always find a quiet place with limited interruptions so that we are always able to concentrate on our writing. It has definitely helped me the past few years while working on my degree. 

Word count: 68 words

List the twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation

LeAndrenetta's answers

The twelve items in the checklist for writing preparation are:

1. Determine your general purpose.

2. Determine your specific purpose. 

3, Make sure your purpose is realistic.

4. Make sure your timing is appropriate.

5. Make sure your sources are credible. 

6. Make sure your message reflects positively on your organization.

7. Determine your audience size..

8. Determine your audience composition.

9. Determine your audience knowledge and awareness on the subject.

10. Expect possible responses.

11. Select the proper channel.

12. Make sure the information is accurate.

Word count: 78 words

What are the four main sentence types? Give an example of each.

LeAndrenetta's answers

The four main sentence types are declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. Below is an example of each;

Declarative - You are welcome to join us for the meeting.

Imperative - Please come to the meeting.

Interrogative- Would you like to come to the meeting?

Exclamatory - We are very happy you came to the meeting!

Word count: 51 words
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