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The Florence Residences is a 99-years leasehold townhouse creating in Hougang Avenue 2. This private will be based on the site of previous HUDC Florence Regency. The new advancement will house 1,410 units conveyed more than 9 pinnacle blocks on a 389,239 square feet of land. Florence Residences is making one to five rooms stunning units available for purchase, home-searchers can see our unit blend and costs here. 

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Of course, more alternatives wait for you at Compass One shopping center – My Briyani House, Yoshinoya, and Old Street Bak Kut Teh. To fulfill the candy teeth, get a cuppa at Starbucks, ola floor plans The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, KOI, or Gong Cha. For the visual peeps, you may confer with this meals map precise to the Sengkang district for all the stops you can make to get some tasty meals

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At the Clubhouse, take in the entrancing perspective on the Island Club that exemplifies the secret of finding a private island way of life. The far reaching perspective on the 80-meter island lap pool is a demonstration of the way that florence residences brochure  space matters. 15 radiant offices along the wandering the lap pool tries to drench you in the excellence of island living.

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