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Top 10 Private Air Destinations

Private air travel is one of the most common symbols of wealth and luxury. However, one doesn’t always need to have pockets full of cash and a Black card to take advantage of the effectiveness and luxuriousness that private jet travel affords its passengers.

On the contrary, private air travel is decreasing in value, and plummeting in cost when compared to cramped and feature-poor commercial air travel. Per research by luxury travel network Virtuoso, between 2014 and 2016 alone, the cost of flying private dropped by 13 percent, while the volume of trips increased 10 percent.

Why Fly Private?

There are many extensive benefits to choosing private air travel over commercial alternatives. Some of these advantages include:

  • No need to deal with the business of commercial airport terminals. Private air passengers fly out of FBOs, or “Fixed Bases of Operations”.
  • Many departure airports are almost always far closer than larger commercial and international airports. There are multitudes more airports available for smaller, private planes than larger commercial airliners.
  • There are no security checks, no lines to wait in, minimal delays and no need to worry about the flight leaving without you. This alleviates much of the stress and anxiety present in typical commercial flights.
  • On private flights, you are not going to be rubbing shoulders with strangers or worrying about the stampede out of the plane upon arrival.
  • Flying private is far more effective than commercial alternatives. Wait times and taxiing times are much shorter, lines are nonexistent, and air traffic control and pilot checks are less extensive.

We at BitLuxTravel have discovered hundreds of incredible destinations for private flight in our research. To narrow these down to the ten best, we split the list into business and pleasure.

Top Private Air Travel Destinations for Business

Flying private for business purposes is in many cases a far more effective approach for high-value businesspeople. For the reasons listed above and many others, private flight allows for the most efficient use of business time. Five of the most common destinations for private business travel are below.


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