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EXANTE reviews and terms offered by this broker

EXANTE reviews and terms offered by this broker


Choosing a broker is a real headache. The main question is: can you trust this company? This applies both to the question of jurisdiction and commissions, and, of course, to the client experience.

That is why we recommend turning to EXANTE: reviews of the broker are almost all positive, and the commissions and regulation issues are very attractive.

Exante broker is mainly focused on qualified market players. Among the company's clients:

  • Professional Investors;

  • Private traders;

  • Asset management companies;

  • Brokers;

  • Venture Capital Funds;

  • Currency and financial institutions.

Many market participants do not disclose all commissions at once, and only after making a deposit customers find out that they have to pay for trading terminal rent or maintenance of an account.

As for EXANTE, everything is simple, clear and transparent. The company's website describes all the commissions, which depend on what and on which platform you are trading. For example, for trading shares on the Moscow Exchange, the commission is a maximum of 0.02% of the share price, on the London Stock Exchange it is 0.05%.

Regulatory Affairs. EXANTE is licensed by the financial regulators of Cyprus and Malta and follows the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). In addition, EXANTE is authorised by the UK regulator FCA.

As for the reviews of EXANTE. This broker has a good reputation, and almost everything written on the Internet can be believed. The fact is that EXANTE's clients are mostly large and professional investors, and they don't spare any time just to help their colleagues in such a complicated matter...

One of the main features of EXANTE, for which it is praised by customers, is a single multi-currency account from which you can trade all the instruments offered by the broker: that is more than 35 thousand stocks, funds, options, futures, precious metals, bonds, ETFs, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

EXANTE is also curious about its terminal: the company developed a trading platform and you can use it right now in demo-mode. The interface has a modular structure, so you can customize it to your personal liking.

By all parameters, trading with Exante has a lot of advantages and, as practice shows, many investors transfer their assets to this company after they had tried other brokers. Conclusions are up to you, but we believe that you should at least open a free demo account to see for yourself.

If you're looking for a broker that's known for its reliability and a wide range of investor options, this is the place to go.