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Easy to use Online PDF editors

Wondering what the best pdf editor does? Our portable pdf tool allows users to upload, edit and share documents based on their preferences. Finding the correct document editor is a big challenge for individuals who like to browse the Internet, so how can one find the right pdf-editing tool?


When surfing the web, you can never go wrong with our easy to use online pdf editor. Whether you love using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Yahoo to browse, our file editor does not require any subscription fees. Besides being affordable, we also have a user-friendly interface when editing your pdf files on the Internet. 

When choosing an online pdf editor for personal or official uses, it's essential to consider how easy it should be for you to alter documents and toggle between various editing features. Our easy pdf editor comes with plenty of simple options such as adding texts and images to pdf. You don't need to install or register for yourself to experience these goodies. 

Why should you consider easy-to-use pdf editors? 

Lumin pdf editor lets the customers modify documents without converting the files to a new format or even purchasing costly software editors. Our professionals have rounded up most of your needs via our online editor tool.

For starters, altering a pdf document is not a straightforward journey as editing an MS Word or any other type of document format. To edit and customize a pdf file when browsing, you will require a unique platform such as a  free online pdf editor anytime you wish! 

Lumin enhances workflow and boosts users' confidence, especially as we are heading into the post-Covid-19 period. With advancements in document-editing technology, it has never been easy to electronically edit your pdf assignments. 

We are proud to present you with a simple web-based tool capable of changing anything from content adjustment to converting pdf documents to MS Word or JPEG formats.  

For business people in the e-commerce platforms, you can easily type and even add visual content from anywhere. It gets juicy because highlighting the critical information in real-time has never been simplest, especially when other readers find it hard to see intricate details. 

Create, edit and sign contracts in our online platform and even work collaboratively with your partners, colleagues, or clients in finalizing an error-free document. 

Online pdf-editing

While pdf-files come as complete documents, you can change and customize them to fit personal taste. Lumin presents a very easy-to-apply online tool that recognizes text, edits images, shapes, and images, and marks up documents. If working in a team, you can add annotations if another user wishes to update the revised files.  

Lumin will be the savior in your most desperate times when you can only access the Internet. With our Lumin Internet pdf-editor kit, choose and post a pdf file from your local drive or cloud storage like DropBox, MS OneDrive, iCloud or Google Drive. Our website also lets you drag-and-drop files.

Please remember that our online access is hassle-free since you can easily switch across the user-friendly dashboard and proceed to create, convert and edit pdf online free. 

Protects privacy

It goes without saying that after you edit a pdf online for free, files must be protected against privacy and data leaking to malicious attackers. In our workspaces, we usually deal with very sensitive information and thus the importance of privacy protection.

We may store files in a shared workstation or even help a friend with your pc, but it has private documents. Under such unsure circumstances that have the potential to expose your essential details, you need password protection for your files.

With password protection, there are limitless options since it is possible to restrict access to documents and what type of changes can be introduced. Our pdf text editor has security features that allow users to restrict permissions and deny access to the published document.


Why is privacy a key?

After editing a document, you may want to share it but constantly worried if your details can be accessed by an unauthorized party. However, Lumin document editor will add an extra encryption layer to ensure that altered files remain secure across the Internet. 

Are you also aware that nothing beats a password-protected document when it comes to filing, document-editing, and sharing? Well, with Lumin, you now know because the easy pdf editor is the real deal in airtight security.

Do you remember when you urgently needed a customer’s sign, and it was mandatory to scan, print, and send the document? And the customer printed, signed, scanned, and resent it to you? This approach was insecure since it exposed the document to privacy breaches from many online attackers.


Nonetheless, such days are over because our Lumin pdf editing software has you sorted. Thanks to our e-signature feature that permits documents to be signed electronically and legally. 


As you might have known, most of the options out there force you to pay to secure your documents. However, there are affordable plans at Lumin, as our free pdf editor requires zero subscriptions. 


24/7 availability

At Lumin, we offer 24/7 support available so that we can bring your pdf files to life at any time you need them. Whether beating a client’s or employer’s deadline, our round-the-clock support services have proven to be the most reliable to convert, alter, and share your e-signed documents. 


You can contact our professional customer care team via Facebook, email, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help with your document-editing needs. If you aren’t familiar with certain file-modifying features, don’t worry because Lumin pdf has an active YouTube channel recommending tips on the required skills to edit a pdf file. 

Wide functionality

When you use Lumin for pdf-editing, you have countless possibilities at your disposal because our products are based on wide functionality. We have offered a great assortment of functions to cater to all your personal and work-related needs.


With us, you enjoy annotating features, optical character recognition-OCR, Google classroom integration, document-unlocking options, e-Signature, document-searchability, customization, and cross-platform integration. 


Our pdf editor for pc is tailored for you since it can get rid of annoying ads, rotate documents, eliminate unnecessary pages, adjust all types of documents, and share the edited pdf files. Hurry up because signing up with Lumin pdf professional, personal, enterprise, and team plans ultimately gives you unlimited document life. 

Options to choose from

If you can edit pdf files online, you have to consider Lumin because our company has demonstrated to be reliable 24/7 whether you prefer your documents privacy-protected, annotated, compressed, or altered in a manner you prefer.


With an iOS-based computer, you can utilize pdf editor mac for both commercial and personal needs. We can also cater to Android and Apple iOS smartphone users through our easy-to-use mobile-based pdf editor app. With our online pdf tools, you can 

upload, add images, add text, draw and modify your pdf docs to our platform instantly. 


You may consider our pdf editor because we have a proven track record of 24/7 reliability, honesty, integrity, and user-friendliness. Try Lumin as the best pdf editor and refer to the wisdom explored in this article to give yourself the ultimate peace of mind you have ever wanted.