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What is a dedicated server

What is a dedicated server


Dedicated Server is one of the types of hosting services when a company (hosting provider) leases a separate physical server. Clients are given full access to the hardware and software, they can install the necessary operating systems, change the configuration and perform any technical work.


Why do we need a dedicated server (Dedicated Server)?

Dedicated server is needed to run complex projects, which can not be stored in the same place with other projects or have high resource requirements. This is the most expensive type of hosting and is not suitable for all customers. Firstly, if you are a beginner and do not have skills in administering servers, it is better to choose the usual virtual hosting. Secondly, if you want to create a blog on WordPress or a small corporate website, you can also get by with simple hosting or VPS. And third, if you do not have a few extra thousand a month (namely, the thousands are measured in the prices for Dedicated Server), then you can also choose a shared hosting or VDS.


You need a Dedicated Server if:


  • You are the owner of large sites with high attendance;

  • You own complex sites, applications or projects that require a high level of security;

  • You have technicians who can configure and maintain the server;

  • you have the money to pay monthly for the server (usually this service is used by medium and large businesses).

  • In other cases, as a rule, suitable service is the usual virtual hosting or VPS / VDS.



Benefits of a dedicated server

  • Security. Dedicated Server minimizes the possibility of unauthorized access to stored information.

  • Use of all resources of the server. All of the power of your hardware is available only to you, there is no need to share it with someone else (for example, like on shared hosting).

  • Stable work. Resources of a single server are difficult to exhaust completely, which provides minimal downtime and maximum performance.

  • Great opportunities for webmasters. Specialist can independently install the necessary software and perform all necessary settings.

  • The overall improvement of the site by reducing the loading time of pages, increasing the security of personal data storage.

Disadvantages of a dedicated server

The most important and obvious disadvantage - the price. It is substantially higher than the services shared-hosting or VPS.

To work you need skills to administer the server. Beginners or people without experience will be difficult to understand the intricacies of setting up and running dedicated servers in Estonia.

How a dedicated server differs from VDS

VPS / VDS - a service that provides a virtual dedicated server for rent. The difference between a regular Dedicated Server and a virtual one is in the principle of their work. For VDS, a set of virtual servers is created on a physical server, which work independently of each other and emulate the work of the physical one. Each server may belong to a separate client. A dedicated server completely belongs to one client.

Thus, VPS hosting is a cheaper alternative to a dedicated server. It also provides its own IP-addresses, root access (full management rights), the ability to install software. However, the "neighbors" on the server you will still be, but they can not use your resources.


What's better: the physical server rental or VPS

In terms of cost it is better to choose VPS (the price will be much less), and in terms of security and reliability - a dedicated server. It is ideal for high-loaded online stores, resources with high traffic, games and MMO servers, as well as to work with 1C. It provides stability and absolute independence from other clients.


Where to find a good dedicated server

Find a company that rents physical servers, you can through search engines or special sites-rating. When choosing, pay attention to the following things.


  • Reviews. Study them carefully, because only existing customers can correctly assess the services of the company.

  • The price policy. Too cheap services may not satisfy you in terms of quality, and too expensive ones may not meet your expectations.

  • Technical specifications. Make sure that the server meets the requirements of your project.

  • Rating score. Usually, it can be used to judge the hosting provider, as it is made up of many factors. Examples of ratings: Hosting Ninja,

  • Thus, you can choose a dedicated server by studying hosting providers, characteristics and prices. Take your time to choose and remember: if you are not satisfied with something, you can always move to another company. Security of your data, 24-hour technical support and no outages are the main criteria in choosing a hosting.


Rent VPS and dedicated server  

Quality hosting is a stable work of internet-projects. Clients can use different servers to host an array of data, from virtual (VPS) to dedicated (Dedicated Server).


What are the advantages of VPS, for which tasks is suitable for such hosting.


The VPS service is to rent virtual server located in any country. For example, you can work in Moscow, but your data will be stored on a server in the Netherlands or the UK. Virtual hosting will ensure stable resource operation at low costs.


Clients have a choice of different configurations which allows them to choose web hosting considering the power of the project and other factors.


Who it suits

VPS is suitable for the following projects:


  • fast-growing web applications;

  • online stores;

  • corporate portals;

  • resource-intensive sites, etc.

One of the main arguments for choosing VPS is a fast deployment of infrastructure - you do not need to buy physical hardware, prepare a special location for it, maintain complex systems, etc. You just choose the server with the required parameters and in a few clicks arrange the lease, and then start using the provided capacity. It is convenient.


Clients get full root access and the server can be scaled up if necessary (to improve its characteristics in accordance with the project requirements, e.g. to add RAM).


How to rent

It's very easy - go to the website of the company offering hosting services, choose the appropriate rate and sign the contract. If necessary, experts will give detailed advice and help you choose the right option. The cost of renting is specified for 1 month. The price range is very wide.


Dedicated Server rental


Dedicated server assumes the provision of a separate server, physical equipment located in the data center. The user gets full access to the hardware and software, he can change the configuration, install any software, etc.


Who is suitable for it

Rent a Dedicated Server is appropriate in the following cases:


  • the work of resource-intensive sites with high attendance;

  • the work of complex applications and projects that require strong security;

  • large volume of data storage;

  • high performance requirements (high-frequency processors, etc.).

The main consumers of this service are medium and large businesses. Dedicated Server is more expensive than virtual hosting, but helps to solve large problems. Renting such a server guarantees stable operation of the project, data protection and full control.


Dedicated servers individual build

If necessary, you can order the building of a server according to your own parameters, getting a configuration that perfectly suits your project. Clients can specify the characteristics they need. 

High-quality service

Providers offer customers a wide range of services. For example, specialists can take on the full or partial administration of projects. When renting a Dedicated Server, it is possible to combine servers into a local network. Users can choose the country where the data center is located, for example, the Netherlands, USA, UK, Sweden or Canada. When choosing, specify the features of the equipment, giving preference to high-end systems - Dell, HP, Supermicro, etc.