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Do not fall for scammers - there are too many of them on the Forex topic

I believe what this post says, our CS’s all have a character flaw. I know for my husband, it’s selfishness and low self-esteem. I can only imagine that the whores our husbands cheat with also have very low self esteem and low self worth. I can’t imagine that anyone who felt good about themselves, would choose to sleep with a married person, and truly believe that the person doing the cheating actually loves them. They are being used and they are letting themselves be used.
Truthfully for everyone posting I wanted to put up this quote I found.
“If you succeed in cheating someone, Don’t think that the person is a fool… Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved…!!”
I think that we can all read this quote and know that its true. We trusted that our spouses would honor their committments, and they chose to threw it all down the drain for a few hours of pleasue or a few minutes to feel better about themselves. However, all it got them was more pain and more loneliness.
Good luck to everyone on this horrible journey, I hope that this quote helps someone feel better about themselves, and that we all realize that we are worth more than our spouses deserve.