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ASO - 6 stages of mobile application optimization

ASO - 6 stages of mobile application optimization

I am often approached for ASO for mobile games and applications. A high-quality ASO allows you to increase the amount of organic traffic over a fairly long time without investment. But like most techniques, ASO has its own characteristics that should be taken into account, especially when ordering this service. In this article I will tell you how I approach the issue of optimizing mobile application pages in order to achieve increased search results, increase conversions and increase installations.


I’ll tell you about the example of Google Play (since there are certain differences when working on optimizing applications for the Google Play and App Store and you need to talk about these platforms separately).


I divide ASO into 3 main components:


  1. Improving indexing, ranking, increasing search results for key queries and raising in the TOPs;

  2. Improving the conversion of the appearance in the search results to the transition to the application card in the store;

  3. Improved conversion from visiting the card to the installation.

  4. Providing reputation management

Each component ultimately affects the final result - an increase in settings.

 Component number 1. As part of the first component (increasing search results), I analyze competitors, the niche of an application or game, target audience, search queries, trends, etc. For this, I have my own automated results calculation table. Based on the result of the analysis, I determine the mechanisms by which competitors receive their organic traffic, according to which words are indexed, how often these words are requested by the target audience, what kind of competition, frequency, etc. According to the result, I formulate theses of what is an effective ASO strategy. Based on analytics and collection of keywords, I assign a rating of importance to the keywords (how each particular keyword affects the ranking). The rating shows how much each keyword affects the results of search results, traffic attraction, etc.


2. After receiving samples of keywords and analysis results, I prepare a semantic core (1-2-3 options, depending on the case) and write an SEO optimized text (1-2-3 options on the case and goals of future A / B tests). By text we mean - title, short description, long description, text for “What's New”, SEO-optimized blanks for support services answers (responses in the story to comments).


3. Prepared materials run on A / B testing to determine effectiveness. If the effectiveness is confirmed, I leave a new text and start the process anew, working out the second thesis obtained after the analysis conducted at the beginning. The goal is to continue and improve optimization.


4. Component No. 2 - optimization of conversion to the application side. Up to 3 new icons based on the psycho-types of Central Asia are being prepared here. All options have differences (elements that attract attention, the use of color schemes, the use of diagonals in design, etc.). Similar work is carried out with banners. Next - A / B tests for the best result. I usually develop icons conceptually, I write TK for drawing by the designer. Or draw on their own - depending on the complexity.

5. Component No. 3 - optimization of conversion to installation. Here, screenshots and videos play a large role (I can also make videos - from the script to the final implementation). Principle as with an icon.


6. All test data is recorded, analyzed the results and the effectiveness of the changes. Based



Google ranks applications not only by standard tricks in ASO.


  • I am preparing tasks for other members of the application development team that will affect the ranking (this may be SEO site optimization, a press release for the media, optimization of the game itself - the size of the installation file, retention increase system, 5 star motivation system, etc.)

  • I am responding to user comments (it is important to understand that reviews and responses to reviews are also ranked, i.e. it is also necessary to use keywords

  • I work in the comments of competitors (there are mechanisms to raise my own comment to the top, which may result in competitor traffic)


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