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Explain the role of critical thinking in developing writing skills.

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    by Shanna Davis
    Shanna Davis's answers

    Critical thinking involves asking crucial questions to yourself as you think about your writing, such as "am I explaining this correctly" or "does this really make sense"?  Writing down your thoughts before formulating a clear and concise piece of writing is the process of critical thinking. It is a self-corrective process.

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    by Sharii Hill
    Sharii Hill's answers

    The role of critical thinking in developing writing skills is used to analyze and use established standards to write. Critical thinking means becoming aware of your thinking process.

    Word count: 28 words
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    by Brenda Townsend
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    by Willie Wilcher
    Willie Wilcher's answers

    Critical thinking allows the writer to thoroughly think about the topic, so they they write about it in a way that the audience will receive the message.

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    by Brent Wilcox
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