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What are the four main sentence types? Give an example of each.

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    by Shanna Davis
    Shanna Davis's answers

    1. Declarative - sentence that makes a statement. "The sun is shining bright today".

    2. Imperative - sentence that gives a command. "Come here now!"

    3. Interrogative - sentence that ask a question.  "Are you going to work today?"

    4. Exclamatory - sentence that express excitement. "The circus is in town!"

    Word count: 48 words
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    by Sharii Hill
    Sharii Hill's answers

    Declarative – You are invited to join us for lunch. • Imperative – Please join us for dinner. • Interrogative – What time will you arrive? • Exclamatory – I’m so exicited to see you!

    Word count: 29 words
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    by Brenda Townsend
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    by Willie Wilcher
    Willie Wilcher's answers

    The four main sentence types are simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.

    Word count: 11 words
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    by Brent Wilcox
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