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What must one do in order to communicate in an egalitarian manner?

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    by Shanna Davis
    Shanna Davis's answers

    In order for one to communicate in an egalitarian manner, he or she must possess the ability to speak or write that ALL people can understand what the message is conveying.  

    Word count: 31 words
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    by Sharii Hill
    Sharii Hill's answers

    speak and write in a way that is comprehensible and relevant to all your listeners or readers, not just those who are “like you” in terms of age, gender, race or ethnicity, or other characteristics.

    Word count: 35 words
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    by Brenda Townsend
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    by Willie Wilcher
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    by Brent Wilcox
    Brent Wilcox's answers

    To speak or write in a way which is relevant to to the understanding of all your listeners or readers.

    Word count: 20 words