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List five of the undesirable results of poor communication in business discussed by Susan Washburn in the book The Miscommunication Gap.

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    by Shanna Davis
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    Five undesirable results of poor communication in business are:

    1. Damaged relationships

    2. Loss of productivity

    3. Inefficiency and rework 

    4. Missed opportunities

    5. Wasted resources

    Word count: 22 words
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    by Sharii Hill
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    Damaged relationships 

    Loss of productivity


    Missed Opportunities

    Wasted resources

    Word count: 7 words
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    by Brenda Townsend
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    by Willie Wilcher
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    • Damaged relationships
    • Loss of productivity
    • Inefficiency and rework
    • Conflict
    • Missed opportunities
    Word count: 7 words
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    by Brent Wilcox
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    Loss of productivity


    schedule slippage

    wasted resources

    damaged relationships

    Word count: 6 words