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To add images to your post:

Step 1: Upload the Images
Click Choose File, navigate to the image file, and select it. Then click Add to add the image to the gallery. Repeat this step to upload multiple images.

Uploaded images display below the text editor as a gallery of thumbnails. You can click the magnifying glass on the thumbnail to see the full-size version. When you save the text, this gallery will display for readers as well.

Step 2: Integrate Images into the Text
You don't have to leave your images in the gallery—they can also be included in the text of your post. Just click the magnifying glass to display the full-size version of the image, right-click it and select Copy image, and then paste it into the text editor wherever you want it to display.

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  All questions in the section are given to every student.
  A random selection from the pool of questions is given to each student.
Question order:
  Questions are given in the order listed in the Test Builder.
  Questions are shuffled into a random order for each student.
This time limit is only applied to the questions in this section. Minutes
Extra credit:   The total point value for this section is not added to the overall assignment total. This makes points earned via correct answers to questions in this section increase a student's score, but missed or skipped questions do not decrease the final score.