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How To Write A Speech For Thesis Defense


The document on obtaining higher education testifies to the fact that in the life of a former student there was a moment associated with the defense of research work. Let's talk about why you sometimes need to contact write my papers to write your term paper, why a sample of speech is needed for the defense of a term paper, how to draw it up, what the commission pays attention to.


How the term paper is defended


The defense of the term paper takes place orally in front of a commission of 6-7 people. Still, they will scrutinize your work, so ensure you hire professionals from https://writemypapers.company/buy-argumentative-essay to guarantee success. For the successful delivery of the work, the student must:

  • submit it to the department in hardcover no later than 3 days before the defense;
  • get a detailed written opinion of the supervisor;
  • find peer reviewers from among researchers and teachers who are ready to study and evaluate the student's research;
  • have with you a grade book and a study card;
  • prepare a speech for the defense - a report.


The defense lasts for 4-7 hours, the exact time depends on the number of students. Everything happens approximately according to the following scheme:

  • students enter the classroom, where the commission and teachers who are curators are already waiting for them;
  • called alphabetically by list;
  • 2-3 minutes are given for preparation - distribution of visual materials, connection of projectors;
  • the graduate reads (tells) a report on thesis and answers questions;
  • the student who has completed the speech is asked to go into the hall;
  • the chairman of the commission makes a final speech, the members of the commission are removed to the meeting, the results are announced.


A speech for a term paper is a set of theses and conclusions made in the process of working on it. Although it's better if you write it yourself, writemypapers.company/buy-persuasive-essay/ can provide one with your order. If the research is defended by a graduate of a technical university, it usually consists of theoretical and practical parts. The graduate will be asked to demonstrate clarity, for example, a finished project for building a house, a computer assembled while writing a theory, or an electronic circuit.


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