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Share what you have learned from this course and how it has helped you both personally and

professionally in the area of communication.  (150 WORDS MINIMUM)

  • 20/20
    by Hector Corona
    Hector Corona's answers

    I think this course of Business Communication was, is and will be a great course for anyone in this college that want to learn how to be better in the workplace and as a person because the content is very interesting and important. During the time that I been taking this class in this summer section I did get lot of knowledge about communication and how deep is it with all the different parts that this has. The course helped me to develop the written and verbal communication skills that I  will use throughout my career. I think Business Communication works a lot with the Leadership of the people to help them to develop self awareness and emotional intelligence as I learned the professional norms of writing and presenting individually and with a team , well to be honest it was a good experience for me and I feel so exited to have this feeling right now because I going be with more skills and more expectations in my future thanks Professor Kathy Wells .

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    by Cheryl Kennedy
    Cheryl Kennedy's answers

    I have actually learned so much from this course. I do believe that I'm more of a critical thinker. Before I write an essay for class, an email or memo for work, I stop now and ask myself some basic questions such as; "Am I sticking to the topic?", Am I answering the question or concern, should my communication be formal?", What does my tone sound like?",etc.

    When communicating, I have to think about others also. I have to make sure that in what I'm conveying, the receiver(s) understands and is interested. I have to be persuasive. Only speak about key points. Too much information is not always good information.

    I do presentations at work twice a month and I'm more in tune with the audience now. I would just speak. Now I tell a quick joke and it brings them more into what I'm saying/selling.

    It's wise to practice speeches before presenting them to an audience.

    Most importantly , I learned that communication is key to an individual's success.

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    by JoAnna Ross
    JoAnna Ross's answers

    in reflecting back over the last five weeks, I have learned a lot of very valuable information and techniques that will help me in the future to better be mindful of the way that a use my non-verbal communication skills. I truly have not realized how much it makes a big impact on the way people perceive you. As I looked at the different places that I have visited and the way people speak and use the non verbal cues, this lets me know whether or not I want to talk to or even approach the person. In looking back on the text and the discussion questions it has made me improve the way that I write a response to my fellow classmates and to my instructors. 

    The one thing that I can say is that this class has help me in my deliverance of my writing. I am glad that this class was offered because when I get to opening back up my business I can now be more of an effective writer and a effective leader. 

    Thank you so much Prof Wells for everything that you have presented in the class as a whole. I will take the knowledge that I have learned and use it effectively.

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  • 20/20
    by Jarrick Rudolph
    Jarrick Rudolph's answers

    This course has shed a lot of light on the importance of clear and concise communication. I have a different outlook on the importance of team cohesion and the way it works to get the most out of the teams the leadership put together. I knew that having a good team is the best way to get things done, but didn't know that it was "studied" to the point of what is has been. I am taking everything I've learned and paid attention to in this class and I will definitely use it in my time as being a supervisor to create the most productive work area that I'm in charge of. This class should be a class that every major should have to take in pursuit of the degree, and it definitely needs to be taken if anyone is wanting to try to become a manager or leader in any organization. The information from this course will have the potential leaders learn how to be a better person and manager to the employees he or she will be over. Thank you Professor Wells for your encouragement and I would love to take another class of yours down the road.

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  • 20/20
    by Debra Simmons
    Debra Simmons's answers

    I can truly said that I have learned so much from this course. I was able to review a lot the basic English language requirements and correct grammar usage. I also appreciated the information given, which I did not know a lot about, on conducting interviews and media responses. Even n though I am not a very experienced public speaker, I do feel that now if I have to give a speech I can be much better job after taking this course.

    If I had to select the most interesting thing I learned from this course it would be the “90 Second Elevator Pitch.”   I have to admit that I did not even know that I had a webcam on my computer. I guess because I never had to use it until I did the video.   Although I was very nervous, and I am sure it showed, I enjoyed learning how to do the video.   Composing what to say in the video was interesting also. Trying to put a lot of information in such a short presentation was interesting. I admit I recorded myself about fifteen or more times.

    This course has been great and very informative. I really enjoyed it, and the instructor, and I learned a lot of helpful information.  

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  • 20/20
    by Ammorette Winborne
    Ammorette Winborne's answers

    I have truly learned a great deal from this course. In my current position, I speak and email messages every minute of the day. I learned terms that put meaning to little nuggets of information that I have learned along the way. I have challenged myself to change up my vocabulary and try new phrases. Watching my tone and inflection has been something that I've been more mindful of when addressing my team. The 90 second elevator pitch assignment was my favorite. That one video showed me so much about myself. I'm changing it up and using that paragraph of networking events that I attend. I use "um" and "like more than I should. Now I am more mindful of that than I was before. Reading others posts taught me different outlooks on things that I had otherwise never given a thought. I can truly say that I am a better communicator because of this class

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