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How important is concentration in writing?

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    by Hector Corona
    Hector Corona's answers

    To be a great writer, you have to be able to concentrate. Not only that but you have to be able to maintain focus for sustained periods. It’s not the only thing you’ll need but it’s a good start.

    When you are writing, the best results are achieved when you are able to concentrate effectively and for long periods of time. Some people are naturally more able to concentrate than others; however everyone can improve their concentration as long as they know the techniques and the skills involved. This guide provides tips and advice that will help you improve your concentration and create better essays. Good concentration provides benefits in all aspects of life and not just your journey through academia, which makes these tips even more useful to know and apply.

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    by Cheryl Kennedy
    Cheryl Kennedy's answers

    Concentration is very important in writing because it allows for an individual to write effectively and possess critical thinking skills which are needed when preparing and writing a document.


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    by JoAnna Ross
    JoAnna Ross's answers

    It is important because you can be more productive, and focus clearly on the task before you. Our ability to concentrate is central to our ability to write effectively, whether we work alone or as part of a group.

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    by Jarrick Rudolph
    Jarrick Rudolph's answers

    In order for your work to be productive, you will need to focus your attention on your writing. In a distraction-prone business environment, much of your writing will be done while colleagues are talking on the phone, having face-to-face conversations as they walk by, and possibly stopping at your desk to say hello or ask a question. These unavoidable interruptions make it even more important to develop a habit of concentrating when you write. 

    Our minds can multitask and perform several tasks simultaneously, but we can also get easily distracted. We can get sidetracked and lose valuable time away from our designated task. Our ability to concentrate is central to our ability to write effectively, whether we work alone or as part of a team.

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    by Debra Simmons
    Debra Simmons's answers

    Concentration is very important because for writers to be productive they must work when they are alert, ready to work, and can accomplish tasks with relative ease.  Writers should adjust their schedules so the writing task can be tackled at times when you can concentration and focus clearly.  Dedication and perseverance are required.

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    by Ammorette Winborne
    Ammorette Winborne's answers

    Very. There are so many elements to consider. context, target audience, punctuation, style, etc.

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