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What are the components of the communication process?

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    by Hector Corona
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    In order to better understand the communication process, we can brake it down into a series of eight essential components:

    • Source
    • Message
    • Channel
    • Receiver
    • Feedback
    • Environment
    • Context
    • Interference


    Word count: 20 words
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    by Cheryl Kennedy
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    The components of the communication process are:

    Source-imagines, creates and sends the message

    Message-is the stimulus or meaning produces by the source for the receiver or audience

    Channel-is the way in which a message or messages travel between source and receiver

    Receiver-receives the message from the source, analyzing and interpreting the message in ways both intended and unintended by the source

    Feedback-when you respond to the source, intentionally or unintentionally, you are giving feedback

    Environment-is the atmosphere, physical and psychological, where you send and receive messages

    Context-The context of the communication interaction involves the setting, scene, and expectations of the individuals involved.

    Interference-this is also called noise, can come from any source.


    Word count: 104 words
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    by JoAnna Ross
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    by Debra Simmons
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    by Debra Simmons (from retake #1)
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    1. source

    2. message

    3. channel

    4. receiver

    5. feedback

    6. environment

    7. context

    7. interference

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    by Ammorette Winborne
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    1. Source

    2. Message

    3. Channel

    4. Receiver

    5. Feedback

    6. Environment

    7. Context

    8. Interference


    Word count: 9 words