Transparent Plastic Injection Molding Process

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This article introduces the transparent plastic injection molding process. Here we go!

The characteristics of commonly used transparent raw materials

Due to the high light transmittance of transparent plastics, the surface quality of plastic products must be strict, and there must be no spots, pores, whitening, haze, black spots, discoloration, poor gloss, and other defects.

After read, you can learn about how to adjust the injection molding processes of temperature, pressure, and speed.

Injection molding temperature measurement and control are very important in injection moulding. Although these measurements are relatively simple, most injection molding machines do not have sufficient temperature tights or lines.

In order to counter the injection molding pressure, the locking mold pressure must be used, do not automatically select the maximum value available, and consider the projected area, calculate a suitable value.

This is the pressure that must be generated and transcended before the screw.

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What are the key technical parameters of the injection molding machine? Here we introduce some of the technical parameters of the injection molding machine.

First, the technical parameters of the injection molding components

(1) Screw diameter: outer diameter size of the screw

Fourth, mold clamp specification technical parameters of injection molding machine

(1) Mold clamp size: Mold clamp M16 M20 M24 M30

(2) Mold clamp type: Injection mold clamp, CNC mold clamp, Stamping die clamp, etc

(3) Mould clamp manufacturer: DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd

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What Is The Gas-Assisted Injection Molding Process?

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Today, we are going to talk about the application of the gasassisted injection molding process.

The gas-assisted injection molding process utilizes the principle of high-efficiency pressure transmission of gas, so that the long process parts are quickly filled without sink marks, so as to eliminate deformation, reduce injection pressure, reduce product weight, increase design freedom, save plastic and reduce Cost and other purposes.

The gas-assisted injection molding process is usually related to factors such as injection volume, injection speed, and holding pressure, gas pressure and gas injection speed, and delay time in practice.

In the process of injection molding, carelessness can cause injection molded product defects, how to prevent injection molded product defects?

If the diameter of the nozzle is too small, the specific volume of the material increases, and it is easy to cause cold, blocking the feed channel or consuming the injection pressure; in the cooling effect of the template hardened, thus preventing the smooth entry of molten material into the cavity.

For multi-cavity molds, the runner should be carefully arranged and the size of the sprue should be balanced, otherwise, only the cavities near the main flow path or the thick and short sprue can be filled, while the other cavities cannot be filled.

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