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How a man should select his watch

A watch is the favourite accessory of a man. You can judge a class of a man by looking at his watch. Most of the men have a fascination with the wristwatch. They can go crazy if they see a good and classy watch. A watch apart from showing time has many more roles to play like informing us about the date, weather and temperature. There are many kinds of watch with different specifications. It depends on the man who is carrying that watch. So, if you are confused about choosing a watch, this article is for you. And for amazing offers and deals, you can always go for


Here are some points that you should keep in mind before buying a watch:


# Mechanical watch


A mechanical watch made up of a coiled wire of metal that stroked by hand. The source of its power is the mainspring. When the mainspring is stroked it unwinds slowly and evenly. The second hand moves smoothly. The length of the mainspring is around 9 to 13 cm long. Not all mechanical clocks are created equally. The craftsmanship determines the smoothness of the clock.


* Pros of the mechanical watch

  • You don’t need a battery.
  • The movement is very smooth.


* Cons of a mechanical watch

  • A regular winding is required.
  • It is very sensitive to the environment.
  • They are very expensive.
  • It doesn’t provide accurate time.


# Automatic watch


The mechanism of the auto watch is pretty sameas the mechanical watch. The main spring powers it. The only difference between a mechanical watch and an auto watch is that it doesn’t require a daily winding. The movements of your hand throughout the day keep it active.


* Pros of an automatic watch

  • You don’t need a battery to use this watch.
  • You don’t need to wind it by hand.
  • It has a very smooth movement.


* Cons of an automatic watch

  • It is very sensitive to the environment.
  • If you are not using this watch, it needs to be kept in a watch winder.
  • It is also costly as a mechanical watch.
  • It doesn’t provide accurate time.


# Quartz


If you are an average watch user, you should go for quartz. It is affordable and comes in every style that you seek. The time of this quartz watch is also very accurate. Unlike mechanical watches and automatic watches, it doesn’t take it power from mainspring. It runs on a battery. You will get a ‘tick ticktick’ movement in a quartz watch because it ran by electric impulses.


* Pros of a quartz watch

  • It provides accurate time.
  • It needs less maintenance.
  • It is highly affordable.
  • It is very durable.


* Cons of a quartz watch

  • Its movement is not smooth.
  • They lack the charm and romantic attire.


What are the styles of watches that a man should follow?


There are many styles of watches that you should follow accordingly. The styles of watches depend on the time and place where you are present right now. The selection of your watch will also depend on the dress that you are wearing. Here are some styles of watch that you can follow:


1. Dress watch


The dress watch is very simple and sophisticated. It has no sign of glamour, but it has a different sophisticated gravity which grabs attention. This watch should be in your wrist when you are wearing a tuxedo or a business coat.  It will not look good with jeans.


2. Field watch


This watch was primarily designed for the army officers who needed to tell the time at night. It was a very tough watch that withstood the harshness of the battles. It still carries the charm of an old-world military ambience. You can wear this watch with almost everything from business to casual. It will serve best to the boys who always prefer casual.


3. Dive watch


These watches are the most common watch that you will find out. It came to limelight after the success of the film James Bond. This watch was designed for underwater usages, but due to its amazing and stylish look, it came to fashion. It is also a very versatile watch. You can wear them with both casuals and formals.


Watches are an essential part of men’s lives. Just wearing a watch can change the whole persona of them. But it is tough to choose a watch that suits your personality. So, go through the above article and make your choice.


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