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Do a Criminal Background Check? Find Criminal Records Online the Easy Way!

Do you want to perform a criminal background check online? In today's world, most people will try to do a criminal check sooner or later because it's one of the best ways to guarantee your safety. Have you ever thought that maybe:


1) Does your prospective business partner have a history of fraud convictions?

2) Your boyfriend is already married?

3) Your neighbor is a pedophile and letting your children play out in the yard is a really bad idea?

4) The new nanny you are about to hire has been convicted of child abuse or kidnapping in the past?


These are only some of the situation where running a criminal check can be extremely useful and could potentially save your well-being or even your life.


So, how can you perform a background check online?


First, you can simply try entering the individual's full name in the search box of Yahoo or Google and see what comes up. Many newspapers publish their police and fire section online, so you may be able to find out if the person you are interested in has ever been arrested or convicted for a crime. It would be a good idea to place the individual's name inside quotation marks in order to narrow down the results.


There are also some free databases you can use to find out if this person has a criminal record or not. For a list of Sex Offender you can visit the Family Watch Dog website or the Sex Offender Registry.


You need to know that not all states have the same rules about letting you access this kind of information. In Florida it may be easier to gain access, compared to other states like Alabama and Massachusetts. In certain states you may be able to find out what you need over the phone and in some other states you may be required to fill out an application and wait for their approval.


That's the reason why the best method you can use is a background check service. These websites collect data from all over the United States and have millions of records inside their databases. Not only will you get a detailed report on the individual you are interested in, but you will also get access to:


  • Marriage and Divorce Records
  • Work History
  • Pending Court Cases
  • Permanent Address
  • Criminal and Arrest History
  • Parole Information, Conviction
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Bankruptcy Files
  • Family History Files
  • Missing Children and Adults
  • Most Wanted Criminals and much more.


This service is available for only a couple of dollars and can help you get instant and reliable results with complete privacy, saving you the trouble of going through any type of paperwork.





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