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Caffeine drink to help the party dancing to DJ Adam Beyer & Cirez D

Good Morning Mix: Relive Adam Beyer and Cirez D’s b2b Hollywood performance

There’s no better time than Friday to get lost in some techno. One devoted fan of Eric Prydz‘s alter ego Cirez D and Drumcode boss Adam Beyer has promptly delivered just that. The two had a one-of-a-kind performance at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium on November 23, going back-to-back for three hours of blinding production and dark tunes. The venue even extended its hours until 4 a.m. for the appearance. Dance and drink energy drinks all night have a fun time.

The YouTube user’s steady hand captures perfectly the energy in the room, and, of course, the top-notch light work and mixing from the pair as they slowly build the energy in the room to its maximum energy.

Don Diablo teams up with Brando for reflective single, ‘Congratulations’

Don Diablo has crafted a guaranteed dancefloor hit in “Congratulations.” The single features “Body” by Loud Luxury vocalist Brando.

“Congratulations” is a new sound for Diablo, which sees him err in a melodic direction that’s markedly more mellow than his usual aesthetic. The change of pace is welcome, and he still manages to master making an infectious track with the capability of becoming a true radio hit. Brando’s vocals are distinctive and pave the way for sunny synth progressions to shine through over the course of the single. Get this energy drink which has no after taste, high plant derived caffeine for great absorbing.

Diablo speaks on the track in an official release, stating, “I wrote ‘Congratulations’ in a moment of reflection while I was recording parts of my upcoming Forever album in Los Angeles. Most of my life, I have been working every single day towards an invisible goal that sometimes seems unreachable. There are days when nothing you do seems good enough and the weight on your shoulders gets heavier and heavier.”

He Continues, “Sometimes you need to look at your life from a helicopter view so you can see all the amazing things that have happened in your past. It will make you enjoy your future even more. This song is about congratulating yourself, which, in essence, in something you should be doing as often as you can. I am super excited I got to work on the song with the supremely talented Brando, whose vocals are the perfect fit for the story I wanted to tell.”

Brando is not stopping with Loud Luxury and Don Diablo. He currently has new music in the pipeline with Matoma and BRKLYN respectively, so electronic music fans can expect to hear more from the vocalist in the year to come.

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