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Why SHAREit is the Worldwide Fastest Cross-platform Application/File Tool

Android operating SHAREit is a connect and transfer app available for users to transfer files in between two or more than two devices at far higher speeds than the one possessed by a traditional Wi-Fi connection or a Bluetooth.


With this app, you may easily make transfer of files and that too without the usage of an operating system. In simple words, you may easily send data, media and files from Android to an iPad, iPhone or to Mac or Windows operated computer systems.


Moreover, users may create groups for the transfer of a file in different locations simultaneously. Things, which you may share by the help of this application, are common ones, such as audio files, videos and pictures as well as others, such as big applications and address books contained on the memory of your phone device. 


SHAREit app allows super fast transfers among all types of devices. Only, you should make sure to install the application on both the ends i.e. the device, from which you have to transfer the file or the one, in which you want to receive.


Why SHAREit is the Worldwide Fastest Cross-platform Application/File Tool


  • It shares almost every type of file irrespective of the time and the place
  • Its speed is approximately 200 times higher than the speed of the Bluetooth
  • Eliminates the usage of any data usage, USB or an internet connection
  • Provides support to iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android, Windows, Windows Phone and Mac operating system.


SHAREit for Android Features at a Glance


Now, let us have a look on the features of SHAREit applications for Android devices-


  1. No Restriction of Network

Users may share their files and data wherever and whenever regardless the network connection remains available or not.


  1. Fastest Possible Speed Worldwide

Unlike Bluetooth connection, in case of SHAREit for Android, the operating speed (file transfer/receive speed in this case) may go to maximum 20M/s i.e. approximately 200 times fast as compared to the one you may expect from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.


  1. Cross-Platform Transfer

SHAREit allows cross-platform sharing for different types of devices, such as computer systems, tablets and phone devices operating on iOS, Android, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Phones.


  1. Simple and Easy Transfer of Every File

SHAREit for Android allows individual users to transfer every type of file, whether it is is of music, video, photo, installed app or any other file by simply entering the portal and downloading of the SHAREit application available from Google Play Store or similar medium.


  1. Allows Comment on Files

Besides sharing of files, SHAREit application comes with the ability to give comments on each of the shared files, whether individually or in a group.


  1. Connection from/to Personal Computers (PCs)
  • SHAREit allows transfer of files between a personal computer (PC) and phone
  • It helps to view the photos and play your favorite music on computers
  • The application lets users to control their PPTs directly by the help of their phone devices (operating on iOS or Android) to facilitate for easy presentation.


  1. Allows Replication via Phone Devices


SHAREit applications helps to replicate SMS messages, contacts, MMS messages, videos, musics, images, applications and several other data from any old phone device to the new one and that too in only one click.


Share Zone-A New Feature


Latest version of the SHAREit application for Android has a brand new feature i.e. Share Zone. This feature is helpful when you have to connect with your friends, as it lets you to select anything you want available in the Share Zone of your friends. In this way, you may connect with the friends in a far better way by shattering every possible barrier related to internet requirement or USB connection to share files.

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