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If you want to dazzle all your party guests, buying the best chocolate fountain is exactly what you should do. This small appliance can be cheap and it’s guaranteed to make an impression. You can use it not only for chocolate but also various sauces and even liquor. All in all, this mini-investment is guaranteed to pay off as long as the fountain you choose it high-quality. This guide will help you pick the best devices in different price categories.

The Best Chocolate Fountain: Top 5 Small Models to Use at Home

Nostalgia CFF986 32-Ounce Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain
  • Cheap
  • Good value for money
  • Adjustable legs to help keep the fountain perfectly
  • No customizable settings
  • Cleaning the bowl might be tricky at first

Cheap and simple, yet stylish and highly efficient, this is a chocolate fountain you definitely won’t regret buying

2 pounds
17.5 inches

4.74 pounds

Stainless steel heated bowl keeps the sauces flowing so you get a consistent dip every time. Has a simple set of switches for the motor and heat

Nostalgia CFF1000 Stainless Steel Cascading Fondue Fountain
  • Great design
  • Cheap
  • Good value for money
  • Loud
  • Parts can be tricky to clean
  • Requires very runny sauces/chocolate

A great chocolate fountain that is cheap and does its job impressing guests as long as the sauce is runny

2 pounds
17.13 inches

5 pounds

Stainless steel heated base and bowl keeps the chocolate flowing at the perfect temperature. Simple turn dial control (separate motor and heat settings)

Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain for Home
  • High quality
  • Very easy to clean
  • 4 temperature settings for different fondue types
  • Large capacity
  • The chocolate or sauce must be thin to run well

An excellent and quiet chocolate fountain perfect for serving fondue for up to 50 guests

6 pounds
19 inches

10.88 pounds

Stainless steel removable basin for easy cleaning; WhisperQuiet motor; dishwasher safe parts; food grade high-impact plastic tiers; QuickSet tier assembly sets up in seconds; electronic controls with 4 temperature settings for hot and cold fondues; includes 6 color-coded metal fondue skewers; fondue testing funnel

Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain
  • Cheap and good value
  • 4 lb. capacity
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Takes practice and time to adjust the legs
  • No temperature control

This cheap chocolate fountain is great to use at parties as its capacity is 4 pounds

4 pounds
16 inches

2 pounds

Adjustable feet with bubble level to keep the fountain steady. Removable components are dishwasher safe

BestEquip 7-Tier Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine
  • Commercial-grade quality
  • Extra large capacity
  • Auto-temperature regulation
  • Very big
  • Expensive
  • Requires over 17 lb. of chocolate

This is a top-grade professional chocolate fountain fit to use at big parties and events

17.6 pounds
40.55 inches

29.1 pounds

Separated heating power and motor power. Temperature regulation scope: 30-150℃


Nostalgia 32-Ounce Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain

The Nostalgia CFF986 might be cheap, but it’s also the best chocolate fountain you can find within the price range.

This device is simple and small, yet it’ll be the jewel of your parties. It’s a mini auger-style fountain with a 2-pound capacity. It looks rather stylish and elegant due to a stainless steel base. It has four layers and you can control the temperature to ensure your chocolate or cheese sauce fondue is just perfect. The heated bowl will keep the temperature exactly as you need it.

Due to the simple design of this mini chocolate fountain, cleaning it is a breeze. But be careful not to lose any small parts, especially a rubber ring. The assembly is very simple and you can learn how to use the fountain perfectly within a few tries with different sauces. Sadly, the device doesn’t have many features. However, it’s very cheap and offers excellent value for the money.

People who bought this fountain are very satisfied with it. Despite the fact that it’s so cheap, Westchester County Mama says she’s been using hers since 2011 and it’s still going strong. CaracterReader, another reviewer, also says how their family found this fountain to be perfect for a Valentine/s Day party. But they remind users to pre-heat the device for about 25 minutes before adding chocolate, cheese, or other sauce. A few people complain that chocolate or melted cheese won’t flow. If this happens, try to thin out the sauce more. Add oil to chocolate or some cream to cheese.

Nostalgia Stainless Steel Cascading Fondue Fountain

The Nostalgia CF1000 looks gorgeous and will be a great party hit as it can keep melted chocolate, ranch dressing, and a variety of sauces flowing at the perfect temperature.

If you want to have a party in style, this is the best chocolate fountain to use. It’s cheap and rather small with a 2-pound capacity. However, the four cascading tiers of this auger-style fountain look incredible. And using it is very simple, so you can impress your guests with this mini installation at any party. Use it for chocolate, melted cheese, sauces, ranch, or liquors.

The fountain has a very simple dial control that has “heat motor”. “off”, and “heat” settings. You’ll need to preheat it for about 25-30 minutes before adding the sauce. The device is very easy to assemble. But be advised that the tiers must click in place perfectly and stay level for optimal performance. The device is equipped with a small rubber ring at the base. It’s imperative that you don’t lose it during cleaning as it cannot function without this part.

Owners of this chocolate fondue fountain are mostly satisfied as it offers good value for money. As long as you assemble it correctly, it works great, says one of the reviewers. There are a few complaints that the motor is very loud. However, this issue can be solved by installing the fountain a bit out of the way and turning up the music.

Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain for Home

The Elite by Sephra lives up to its name offering perfect chocolate fondue for any party that has up to 50 guests.

If you want to offer delectable fondue at a big party, the Elite is the best chocolate fountain for that. It’s not cheap, but no top-quality item is. It’s also small but has a bigger capacity than the average mini fondue fountain. The Elite requires a minimum of 4 or a maximum of 6 pounds of melting chocolate. The most outstanding feature of this device is the Whisper Quiet motor that makes it run smoothly and efficiently.

The fountain is very easy to assemble. The removable heated basin and dishwasher-safe parts also make it easy to clean. The entire appliance is 19’’ high and looks rather stylish. It has four temperature settings for both cold and hot fondues. The package also includes six skewers.

The vast majority of reviewers think that this chocolate fountain is a great buy. J. Sechrest commends how it’s a huge hit with the kids and that Sephra chocolate goes best with it. John A. Worhach also adds that this device is great value and definitely worth paying more compared to cheap brands. There are, however, a few customers who report that their fountain turned into a sprinkler. Admittedly, this does liven up the party. No one knows why exactly this kind of thing might happen and reports of it are rare. However, if anything does go wrong, Sephra has excellent customer service and does refunds.

Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain

The Chocolate Pro is cheap and has a larger capacity than the average mini chocolate fountain for home.

This is the best chocolate fountain if you plan to use it rarely but want your guests to have a blast. The device is cheap and very easy to both assemble and clean. It doesn’t have any fancy features or even complicated temperature controls. However, it’s small (16’’ high) and looks stylish. It’ll be a hit at any party as you can use it for sweet and savory fondues. Bear in mind that you need to use specialized melting chocolate only. Also, you need to melt it following the instructions before you pour it into the fountain. Add oil as needed to thin it out.

The Chocolate Pro fountain’s bowl is unique in design. It ensures smooth flow if the chocolate in the device is thin enough. You can fit 4 pounds of chocolate into this fountain. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe. Feet are adjustable to ensure you can easily keep the device even.

According to reviewers, this device is great value for little money. Ajk388 used it at their July wedding and it worked great. They recommend pre-heating the bowl for about 10 minutes. Nancy G says the fountain is perfect for kids’ parties and that she loves how cheap but good it is. The only issue that some customers encounter is that it can be tricky to get the fountain level. But you can do it by adjusting the legs just right.

BestEquip 7-Tier Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine

The BestEquip 7-tier commercial chocolate fountain is neither small nor cheap, but it’s what you need for big parties and events.

This the best chocolate fountain to buy if you want to invest your money wisely. It’s big enough to fit 17.6 lb. of chocolate. The machine has 7 tiers, all made of grade 304 stainless steel. It’s 40.55’’ high in total and will serve your guests with perfect melted chocolate.

The machine has an auto temperature control feature and auger design to keep the chocolate flowing smoothly. Heating stability is guaranteed and perfect temperature ensures the best chocolate flavor. The flow is even and the design of this device prevents any blockages and similar issues. The temperature regulation scope ranges from 30 to 150C.

This is a commercial-grade chocolate fountain and those who use it commend its quality. The device is very easy to use. And people love how it runs smoothly keeping chocolate at the exact right temperature for hours. The only drawback is that it won’t work with too little chocolate. Therefore, when using this chocolate fondue fountain, you have to go big. It would be a waste otherwise, considering the high price of the device.

3 Things to Know If You Want to Buy the Best Chocolate Fountain

Before you try to buy the best chocolate fountain, you need to know what common issues you might have using these devices. Quite often, the problem is not that your cheap mini fondue fountain is low quality but that you aren’t using it right. The majority of small chocolate fountains for home have a similar design and similar issues. Therefore, knowing how to prevent them will help you make any party fantastic.

The Chocolate/Sauce Doesn’t Flow

The trickiest part of using any chocolate fondue fountain is getting the thickness of the chocolate or sauce right. It needs to be thin enough to flow freely. However, you also need to be careful so as not to make it too thin. To work out the best formula you’ll need to practice. But also remember that using a different brand of chocolate or cheese can throw off your formula.

In the majority of cases, if the fondue mix doesn’t flow, it’s the fault of the substance you put there. This issue is most common for chocolate and cheese as they harden fast. Bear in mind that a chocolate fountain, especially a cheap one, won’t be able to make the fondue piping hot. Therefore, you need to put in extra effort to prevent hardening.

For chocolate, you should add oil to make it flow smoothly. As to cheese, try adding some cream to your sauce.

The Fountain Is Hard to Clean

In the majority of cheap chocolate fountain models, the heated bowl that holds the sauce isn’t removable. Therefore, cleaning them can be tricky. To do this, you’ll need to wait for it to cool down a little, but not completely. Then, start cleaning it up with paper towels. Dispose of them in the trash and be prepared to use a lot of towels.

Removable parts of the fountain are usually easy to clean. Even if they aren’t dishwasher-safe, you simply need to soak them for a while. Then, cleaning will be a breeze.

The Motor Stops Running

Quite a few customers complain that their chocolate fondue fountains simply stop running for no reason. Unfortunately, this is something that you can’t really prevent. A high-quality device shouldn’t have this kind of problem.

You can reduce the risk of such a breakdown by cleaning and drying every part of the device thoroughly before you put it into storage. Also, make sure no liquid of any type gets inside the body of the device.

In Conclusion: What Makes the Best Chocolate Fountain

You should be careful if you want to buy the best chocolate fountain. These devices are rather finicky and might ruin your party if they fail. Therefore, you should prioritize quality when shopping for a fondue fountain.

Always research the brand and customer reviews to see if you can really trust this device to work. It’s better to buy a small appliance than a cheap and big one that will fail after the second use. Mini fountains with 2-4 lb. capacity are the most popular to use at home.