The Attendance evaluation is used to makes each student's attendance score (as tracked on the Attendance page) a factor in his or her final grade for the course.
Do you want an automatic attendance score to be included in the final grade for this course? Yes, include attendance. No, do not include attendance. Attendance is included in the final grade Attendance is not included in the final grade Help Add attendance to the final grade Remove attendance from the final grade

Attendance Status

Ashley, Julian Devon --No grade --No grade
francis, adam c --No grade --No grade
Little, Amber Delois --No grade --No grade
Mauldin, Danielle --No grade --No grade
Thomas, Shandra Monee --No grade --No grade
Thompson, Tevin Charles --No grade --No grade
Townsend, Brenda --No grade --No grade
Williams, Kevin Jerrod --No grade --No grade

Guest Students

guest, guest --No grade --No grade
Jones, Robyn Teresa --No grade --No grade
Scored out of 100 points